Training, Showing and Results

Christi and Mac share the riding and training duties at Gryphon Farms, providing a well rounded approach to solving any problem that might arise.


From Short Stirrup to Grand Prix, they have competed, developed young horses and trained juniors and amateurs to reach their individual goals. Please contact them with any questions you might have.


2012 Results - OHJA Year End Awards

Beginner Childrens Hunters

Crackerjack - Kieley McQuaker - CHAMPION


Junior Working Hunters

Westmalle - Paige Mawson - RESERVE CHAMPION

Crackerjack - Bronte Walker-Moores - 3rd


Pre Green High Hunters

SLF Sinzano - Christi McQuaker - 3rd


B Equitation

Luanna Veldman - 6th


A Equitation


Bronte Walker-Moores - 9th


Amateur Equitation

Andrea Finnen - CHAMPION 


OHJA Jumper Medal

Luanna Veldman - RESERVE CHAMPION 

Paige Mawson - 6th 


Junior/Amateur 1.20m Jumpers

Under Pressure - Paige Mawson - CHAMPION 


Junior/Amateur 1.30m Jumpers

Duvel - Carly Morrison - 4th 


Natiional Talent Squad - Eastern Division

Falco De Lizami - Christi McQuaker - 10th


Jump Canada Medal Finals - RAWF

Luanna Veldman - 6th


2012 Coaches Awards

Equitation Coach of the Year - Mac McQuaker




2011 Results - OHJA Year End Awards

 Baby Green Hunters

SLF Sinzano - Christi McQuaker - RESERVE CHAMPION

Coolridge - Mac McQuaker - 5th 


Adult Amateur Hunters (under 35)

Penny Lane - Kate Pettersen - 9th


Children's Hunter

Westmalle - Paige Mawson - 7th


Modified Children's Hunter

Penny Lane - Emily Lane - CHAMPION


Modified Adults

Coolridge - Christine Smith - 9th

Signature - Jo-Anne Green - 12th  


Junior Hunters

Santiago - Maddison Hayes - 13th

High Noon 3E - Maddison Hayes - 15th 


Low Jr/Am Hunters

Crackerjack - Kate Pettersen/Quincy Hayes - RESERVE CHAMPION


Jr/Am 1m Jumpers

Under Pressure - Paige Mawson - RESERVE CHAMPION


Jr/Am 1.20m Jumpers

Duvel - Carly Morrison - 5th


1.15m Jumpers

Under Pressure - Christi McQuaker - RESERVE CHAMPION


1.25m Jumpers

Duvel - Christi McQuaker - RESERVE CHAMPION


B Equitation

Paige Mawson - CHAMPION


Children's Equitation



EMG Mini Medal

Paige Mawson - CHAMPION


Amateur Equitation

Kate Pettersen - 9th


Rider's Habit Amateur Medal

Kate Pettersen - CHAMPION


Jump Canada Medal

Maddison Hayes - 12th  


2010 Results

OHJA Year End Awards

Short Stirrup - Reserve Champion - Kieley McQuaker - Shadow Dancer

B Equitation - Champion - Paige Mawson

Children's Equitation - 6th - Paige Mawson 

Pre-Green Low - 3rd - Westmalle - Christi McQuaker 

Junior Amateur 1.10m Jumper - 4th - Duvel - Carly Morrison

 ... plus many individual Championships and Reserve Championships throughout the show season.


Congratulations to all our customers on their excellent reslts in 2010 - and good luck to everyone for an even more successful 2011!